Spinnin the dopest tracks on wax since 1996. 
For almost 20 years, Chuck Diesel has been rocking dance floors all over the South East. Known for his arsenal of bass heavy bangers, and eclectic track selection, this multi genre D.J. is no stranger to the "Ones & Twos" 
Beginning in the mid 90s with his weekly Generate Parties at Area 51, in Clemson SC, Chuck D. has never looked back. His taste for Funky Breaks and signature mixing style soon brought bookings all over the Carolinas . Playing a series of residencies and countless one offs at clubs like The Astro, Millennium, Club 2000, and The Palace, Chuck was clocking 3 or 4 nights a week behind the decks. It was wide open in those days and when he wasn't DJing he was attending such legendary events like Beyond, Liquified, Sankofa and Zen. Chuck D. was in love with the rave culture and the beats. 

Becoming frustrated with sudden "Rave Crackdowns" and police raids at parties in the Carolinas, Chuck decided to pull up stakes and moved to Florida, the "Mekka of Funky Breaks" Finding the promised land for Florida Funk, Chuck D quickly began building up his record collection and getting noticed as a mover and shaker in the Break beat community. Playing in Clubs like Harmony, Energy, and Storm, Chuck continued to return to the Carolinas and play regularly as well as use his Florida connections to throw events, bringing many Break Beat artists to South Carolina. 

With the decline of the Rave Scene at the turn of the decade, Chuck decided to focus on production. Forming various bands and Hip Hop groups, he stayed busy and learned the insides and outs of multi track recording resulting in some unique cross genre compositions. But the love for Electronic Dance Music never left him. 

After attending a warehouse party in Charleston SC in 2009 Chuck D. decided to break the decks out and has been making waves ever since, crossing over into new genres like Dub Step, Moombathon, Trap Bassline and Electro House, and has beenplaying in almost every major city South East. 

Currently Chuck Diesel. has been enjoying a busy DJ schedule, as well as producing some new tracks due for release late 2013 
. If that's not enough, Chuck is constantly throwing events all over the Carolinas with Glow Hard Productions. 

Only the sky is the limit for this DJ/Producer/Promoter. Having shared the stage with Heavy Weights like DJ Icey, Dustin Hulton, Doc Roc, Keith Mackenzie, Huda Hudia, DJ X, Baby Anne, Sporty O, Ak 1200, Z Trip, DJ Fixx, Simply Jeff, DJ Ark and the one and only DJ Magic Mike, you never know where, when or with who The DJ Chuck D. will be killing the dance floor with.